The Most Popular Online Slots Game

Let’s list a few popular slot machines that online casino players talk about most these days.

1429 Uncharted

The most popular slot machine from the Thunderkick studio is distinguished by an unusually high theoretical return rate—as much as 98.6%! This slot is most often found in online casinos and has up to 50 free spins. Its volatility indicator is at an average level. The chances of winning big are not high, but you will most likely be able to play for a long time and with pleasure and stay “with your own people.”


This is a popular slot from the company, one of the giants of the gambling industry. It has been around for several years, but its popularity shows no sign of abating. There are five reels and as many as 20 betting lines, and the theoretical return rate is an impressive 96.1%.

Age of Asgard

The increasingly popular slot has five reels and 50 betting lines. Plus many additional features that make the game fun and increase your chances of winning. Plus, Age of Asgard has a large jackpot built into it.

Wild Toro is an interesting slot with five reels and four lines of symbols. Special symbols give the player free re-spins. The maximum payout in the game is 2250 times the initial bet!


Why slots are the ideal gambling game for online casino newbies

A slot machine, vending machine, one-armed bandit, coin-operated machine, fruit machine – all these are synonyms for slot machines that have long gained popularity among a wide audience. It is generally accepted that the first slot machine, in the modern sense of the word, was developed by an American engineer of German origin, Charles August Fey.

While working as a mechanic in San Francisco, Fey introduced his first coin-operated slot machine to the public in 1894. After this, slot machines became the primary means of making money for casinos worldwide, and people had an entirely new form of entertainment.

It would seem that with the transition of all types of gambling to the Internet, slot machines should have remained a part of history. Still, the opposite happened: “Slots” became the basis of most online casinos, and now this type of gambling is experiencing a new stage of development.

The software made it possible to create thousands of different types of online slots with themes, rules, betting systems, bonuses and winnings to suit every taste.

We explain where to start your acquaintance with slots and why this is an ideal option for those who try online gambling.

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