Terminology Used in Slots

First, you need to understand the basic terminology of online casinos to know how to play slots. You may come across these terms:

  • Slot – a gaming machine in which a random number generator determines the result of the game;
  • Spin – rotation of the slot reel, after which a combination is formed on the playing field;
  • payline – a combination of symbols that brings a monetary reward;
  • RTP is the theoretical return percentage of the slot machine;
  • volatility – the level of risk in the game;
  • Wild is a “wild” symbol that replaces any symbol in a line and helps form a winning combination;
  • Scatter is a scatter symbol that activates the bonus feature of the slot.

You don’t need any special knowledge to play slots. The rules are straightforward—place a bet and spin the reel. A random number generator determines the result of each spin, so even a beginner can hit a big jackpot. However, the risk of losing is also very high.


How to increase your chances of winning in slots?

To play slots and win, choose a slot machine not by theme, design, and bonuses but by technical characteristics. First, check the return rate or RTP. It shows the theoretical return percentage and should be at least 96%. In practice, this means that you will return 96% of your investment when playing over the long term.

The second important criterion for choosing a slot is volatility, which determines the level of risk. Volatility comes in low, medium, and high levels. With low volatility, you will win often but in small amounts. At high levels, it’s precisely the opposite. Average volatility means that the risk is proportional to the winning amount.

Experienced players strongly recommend sticking to a gaming strategy. It does not guarantee winnings, but it helps you avoid losing all your money in a few minutes. Therefore, your bank will be enough for a long-term gaming session.

There are many strategies for slots. One of the most popular is the Martingale system. Its essence boils down to the following: if the spin is unsuccessful, you must double the bet, and if you win, return to the original amount. Thus, just one victory is enough to return all previously lost money and become a plus. But this strategy only works over the long term, so you need a large bankroll.

Another well-known strategy is the d’Alembert system. Divide the existing bank into several equal parts. If the spin is unsuccessful, increase the next bet by one conventional unit, and if you win, reduce it.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy the game and not take it too seriously. Remember that slots are entertainment, so you can have a good time and relax.

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